Massage Parlours Thornton Heath CR7

It was a lazy weekday evening and I decided to take a break from my mundane schedule and indulge in a hot massage at Massage Parlours Thornton Heath CR7. After all, what better way is there to relax after a long day at work?

With my girlfriend accompanying me, we arrived at the massage parlour and were immediately greeted by a sexy young woman in her twenties wearing a translucent robe that left little to the imagination. She led us to a well-lit room which was filled with scented candles, and I was impressed by the comfortable and sensual atmosphere.

The woman explained the various types of massage that were on offer, from Swedish and deep tissue to erotic and tantric. I decided to go for the latter, which would be a combination of the traditional massage style and calmer, more sensual movements. My girlfriend decided to go for a tantric massage too and it was certainly an experience.

As she began to move her hands over my body, it felt as though a million tiny bubbles were bursting and I was instantly relaxed. With each new movement, I felt more and more aroused until I eventually reached the point of no return. As she began to focus her attention on erogenous zones such as the nipples and inner thighs, I was taken to heights I had never experienced before.

And that was just the start. Once our massages had finished, we were invited to experience the delights of an intimate adult massage. The woman began to focus her attention on my body, using her hands to explore every inch of me. She used her tongue to tease and tantalise until I was completely aroused. With each touch of her body, I felt my arousal rising until I was ready to explode.

At this point, the woman asked us to move to the bedroom where she performed a number of sex acts. From oral sex and handjob to anal and GFE, the whole experience was absolutely incredible. By the time we were done, I felt completely exhausted and satisfied.

It had been one of the most sensual and exciting experiences of my life and I can honestly say that Massage Parlours Thornton Heath CR7 was worth every penny. Not only did I get to experience the therapeutic benefits of massage but I also enjoyed the pleasure that came with indulging in an erotic massage. I am definitely looking forward to my next visit.