Massage Parlours Tooting Bec Common SW17

It was a hot summer evening in Tooting Bec Common SW17 and I decided to take a chance on something I had heard from a friend to get my sex desires fulfilled. I was in the mood for something naughty, so I had decided to give Massage Parlours Tooting Bec Common SW17 a try for the night.

I arrived at the parlour, a large house in the middle of the Common, and walked nervously up to the receptionist who was sat behind a large desk. She was a stunningly beautiful woman, dressed in a tight-fitting dress which accentuated her curves and large breasts. She smiled warmly at me, and asked what service I was looking for. I told her I was interested in a massage.

After discussing my desires with the receptionist, she informed me that they offered a variety of different massage styles, including thai, nuru, adult and erotic. I opted for the erotic massage, as I wanted to explore my deepest desires and fantasies.

The receptionist led me down a corridor, and opened a door at the end of which was a large, comfortable room. There was a large bed in the middle of the room, and the walls were filled with mirrors and erotic artworks. Soft music played in the background, and mood lighting gave the room a romantic atmosphere.

She left me alone in the room, and a few minutes later a stunningly beautiful woman appeared. She was wearing a skimpy skimpy dress, and her body was tanned and toned from head to toe. I was instantly aroused. She took my hand and led me over to the bed,where she instructed me to lay down and relax.

She started the massage with a form of feather-light caresses, gradually increasing the pressure, which made me feel aroused and excited. She then began to massage my body with hot oil, pressing her hands against my body with great force. I could feel her body heat radiating through mine, as she massaged and rubbed me.

The massage continued to intensify, and she then used her body to massage me. She straddled me, using her body to press against mine, until I was in a state of ecstasy. I felt her hand travel down between my legs, and I groaned in pleasure as her fingered me.

The massage came to an end and I lay there feeling completely relaxed and sexually satisfied. I thanked the masseuse for her services and left the parlour in a blissful state.

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