Massage Parlours Tregony TR2

He was feeling incredibly stressed after a long week of work and wanted to do something to relax. He had heard about the massage parlours in Tregony TR2 and decided to give it a try. After all, he could really do with a good massage.

He made his way to the parlour and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was in a very nice and discreet location. The atmosphere inside was very soothing and calming. He was warmly greeted by a friendly lady who took him to a private room and offered him drinks, which he gladly accepted.

He made himself comfortable on the massage bed and waited for the masseuse to come in and start the session. The masseuse soon arrived – a petite brunette with a friendly smile.

The masseuse had a gentle, relaxed personality and immediately put him at ease. She started with a light massage, focusing on his back, neck and shoulders. She then moved onto his legs and feet with careful and determined movements that immediately started to melt away the tension in his body. He soon felt incredibly relaxed and his stress began to dissipate.

The masseuse then continued onto his body and gave him sensual massage strokes, focusing on his arms and chest. Her skilled hands teased out tension and her gentle touch sent shivers down his spine. Gradually, the intensity of the massage increased and he soon felt completely immersed in the pleasure of the moment.

When the session was finished, the masseuse presented him with a selection of erotic audio clips and asked him to pick one. He chose one that he found particularly exciting and within a few minutes he was fully aroused, listening to the sensual voice of the narrator telling a naughty story.

The experience of being in the massage parlour and having an erotic audio to accompany the massage had been incredibly sensual and exciting. He felt incredibly relaxed yet aroused – a feeling that he could only describe as blissful. After thanking the masseuse for her services, he went home still feeling content and calm.

He returned to the massage parlour several times in the following month and each time he discovered something new and exciting. He started to experiment with different stimuli, from aromatherapy oils to various types of adult audio, prompting feelings and fantasies that he had never experienced before. All this combined with the expert massage provided by the masseuse had turned his visits to the massage parlour into an eagerly awaited weekly pilgrimage.

The massage parlour had truly become an escape from the stress and tension of the everyday world. It was a place of sensual pleasure and erotic discovery that he would never forget.