Massage Parlours Tregurrian TR8

Massage Parlours Tregurrian TR8 was the premier spot for locals and tourists alike looking for a relaxing massage. From reflexology to traditional massage and everything in between, the parlor had something for everyone.

Rita always liked working in the massage parlor but the regulars who kept coming back in search of some particular touches and favors always made her a little uncomfortable. She never wanted to do anything that she wasn’t comfortable with; however, she always felt a little obligated when these customers came in, it seemed like they expected something more. She never minded giving a few extra touches and techniques to help these customers relax and alleviate stress – but doing anything more felt wrong.

One day, a new customer walked in. He seemed to be about early thirties, and his body was a bit on the bulky side, with muscles that hinted of rigorous visits to the gym. Rita’s stomach turned as he requested specific massage techniques that she was not comfortable with. She told him that while she was experienced, she was not comfortable with these techniques and could not offer this service.

The customer seemed to understand but then asked her to come by his house after the massage session. Rita was caught off guard. She had never been asked this before and the request made her incredibly uncomfortable. She respectfully declined and went back to giving him the massage he asked for. When he left, Rita was relieved but also a bit worried. Apparently he was a great tipper and had been pleased with the session – would he still tip her or would this episode sour the encounter?

Rita was both surprised and relieved when the man came back a few days later, this time with a friend. This new customer was attractive in a different way; he seemed to have a confident air around him and Rita found herself drawn immediately to him. His friend seemed to be more shy and reserved, almost shy and introverted in a way.

Rita was a bit taken aback when the second man asked for an even more personal massage than the first but again, she politely explained that she was not comfortable with offering those services. He seemed to understand and went with her suggestion of a traditional massage instead.

When the massage session was over and the two men had left, Rita was surprised to find a generous tip left on the counter. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of gratitude and admiration towards the man who had shown her so much respect, despite her turning down of his request.

Rita soon found her thoughts often drifting back to the man and his friend. Finally, one day she decided to take a chance and contacted him to see if he wanted to meet up for dinner. She was both surprised and pleased when he gladly accepted her invitation.

Over the next few months, Rita and the mystery man became closer, and eventually they both confessed their feelings for each other. Rita had never felt so happy and alive before, and she thanked her lucky stars for having such an amazing man in her life.

What began as an uncomfortable massage session turned out to be the key to unlocking a new, wonderful life for Rita. Although she was still sometimes asked for more than she was willing to give, her confidence grew every time she said no. She was finally able to accept that different people had different expectations from massage parlours, and that it was okay for her to have a comfortable line that she would not cross. Without the experience at Massage Parlours Tregurrian TR8, Rita never would have found her beautiful partner or the self-confidence to stand by her choices.