Massage Parlours Treligga PL33

Massage Parlours Treligga PL33 – A Random Sex Story

The day had been long and hard. The sun had just started to dip down in the sky, casting a deep orange-red hue across the sky as Jessica drove up to Massage Parlours Treligga PL33. She had heard all the stories, the rumours, the whispers of what was possible to find inside. She was nervous and excited, not sure what to expect or what she was even walking in to.

As she parked up, she was greeted by a friendly, grey-haired woman at the door. She opened it for Jessica, and as she walked inside she began to take in her surroundings. It was beautifully furnished, with elegant decorations and furniture, and the smell of incense in the background added to the calming, peaceful atmosphere.

The woman directed Jessica to a private room, and a massage table in the middle. Jessica stretched out, her body relieved to receive the massage that was quickly beginning to relax her muscles. She laid there in a state of bliss as the gentle hands of the masseuse worked out the knots and tension in her back and shoulders.

With her body relaxed and her mind foggy, Jessica looked up at the masseuse and whispered, “Do you offer anything else? Anything a little bit different…?”

The masseuse smiled knowingly and nodded. She leaned down to Jessica’s ear and whispered, “There are many special services available here at Massage Parlours Treligga PL33. You might like to try a sensual massage, with edible oils and light spanking. Or if you prefer something sexier and more adventurous, we can offer you a full body massage, with adult toys, oral pleasure, and a special happy ending. Would that interest you?”

Jessica gulped, her heart pounding in her chest. She wanted to cry out yes immediately and throw herself into this unknown situation, but at the same time, she was slightly nervous, not sure if she was ready.

The masseuse took Jessica’s hesitation as a yes and went to work setting up a selection of toys and oils. With a flick of her wrist, she invited Jessica to choose her favourite.

Jessica’s body was alive with anticipation as she chose her favourite toy, a vibrator shaped like a heart. The masseuse ran the vibrator along Jessica’s body, stimulating her sensitive spots and getting her mentally and physically ready for the next step.

The masseuse then poured a sweet smelling edible oil along Jessica’s back and began a massage with her hands and body. She expertly touched, stroked and caressed Jessica as she writhed in pleasure. Slowly the massage got more intense, with the masseuse lightly spanking Jessica’s rear and running her hands along Jessica’s inner thighs.

The combination of the delicious oils and the naughty spanking had Jessica shivering in pleasure. She felt herself getting taken over by the sensation and wanted nothing more than to just give in and make herself cum.

As if in response to her desire, the masseuse took the vibrator and lightly touched Jessica’s clitoris, causing her to moan in pleasure as the sensation took her over. Slowly and expertly, the masseuse moved the vibrator around Jessica’s most sensitive spot, making her squirm in delight.

Finally, in an ecstatic storm of tremors and sensations, Jessica let out a loud moan as the orgasm ripped through her body leaving her too spent to move. Eventually her body exhausted, the masseuse covered Jessica up and let her drift away into a peaceful sleep.

When she woke up, Jessica felt strangely content and strangely alive. Massage Parlours Treligga PL33 had offered her a secret escape into pleasure, and she had walked away a different woman. She thanked the masseuse and waved goodbye, eagerly awaiting her next visit.