Massage Parlours Treliver PL30

Massage Parlours Treliver PL30
The sun warmed the cobblestone pathways that ran through the quaint village of Treliver PL30. Overhanging trees provided a canopy of colour and scent, fighting against the salty air that came in from the nearby ocean. The little harbour town had long held the reputation of being one of the best spots in Cornwall for both relaxation holidays and massage parlours.

This was something that Freda had come to realise only after deciding to move to the area from her home in London; soon she had stumbled across the massage parlours of Treliver. They were a pleasant surprise, offering her a ticket away from the hustle and bustle of her old life, and a chance to explore a new kind of pleasure.

The massage parlour Freda chose was quite unlike the ones she had visited in London. The building was a beautiful, white-washed stone cottage, and the interior was decorated with antiques from all over the world. The massage room and treatment beds were similarly inviting, with fresh flowers and herbs placed around the perimeter.

Freda was greeted warmly by the masseuse, whose name was Bart. He welcomed her into the treatment room and invited her to relax as he prepared the massage oil. Bart explained that he specialised in Swedish massages, and that many of his minutes had found it to be an especially stimulating experience.

Freda lay down on the soft, silk sheets and closed her eyes as Bart began the massage. His expert hands worked the knots in her body, kneading and stretching her muscles until Freda felt almost as though she were melting into the bed beneath her. She was so relaxed that she found it difficult to stay focused on the massage; losing herself in the sensations that were surging through her.

As Bart moved his hands up and down Freda’s body, he suddenly stopped and looked directly into her eyes. She felt a rush of electricity as his fingers caressed her neck and shoulders and he began to whisper words of love and appreciation into her ears.

Freda’s body trembled as Bart leaned in to gently kiss her. His hands moved down to her lower back and buttocks, massaging the entirety of her body and pushing her further and further into pleasure. Freda moaned and writhed beneath Bart’s touch, her body shaking with pleasure.

As Bart drew his lips away and looked deeply into Franka’s eyes, he whispered one last time. “Your massage is complete. I hope you will come back again soon.” With that, he stepped away and Freda opened her eyes, finding herself again in the beautiful little massage parlour of Treliver PL30.

She was in awe of the experience she had just had and the pleasure it had brought her. This was a place of true relaxation and bliss, and Freda knew she would be back for more.