Massage Parlours Trevemper TR8

Massage Parlours Trevemper TR8 had been a hub for discreet rendezvous for years now. It was a safe haven for those seeking pleasure discreetly, and the staff were more than qualified to provide the highest of standards. On this particular evening, the parlour had an array of stunning ladies, including a special offer from their petite, blonde masseuse.

Her name was Madison and she was new to the Trevemper retinue. Her skills were excellent, her curves revealed in her tight shiny black dress. Her gaze was frankly lascivious and knowing, a smirk at the corner of her full lips making it obvious that she was up for the challenge ahead.

David was new to the parlour and was initially quite apprehensive. Madison soon put him at ease though. She allowed him to undress and lay face down on the massage table, and told him to relax. Taking off her own sheer costume, she oiled up her hands and began to massage his back, her fingers gently kneading the tension and knots away.

The feeling was exquisite, and soon David couldn’t help but moan with pleasure as the sound of Madison’s confident authority began to overwhelm his senses. Slowly but surely, her hands worked their way lower, her fingers gliding and exploring his body with confident swirls. Higher and higher she ventured, the length of his body from his neck to his buttocks benefitting from her expert touch.

The massage had gone beyond a simple massage and it was now clear to both of them that something else was going on. Madison’s hands seemed to read a map of the roads of pleasure within him, causing David to grow increasingly aroused. He reached down to cradle himself in his own hands as she continued to tease and tantalise. Turning him over and straddling him, Madison lowered her body to his, her lace lingerie tickling his skin.

She leant in and kissed him deeply, his own lips and tongue matching hers in a passionate, intimate embrace. His hands roamed to the curves of her body as she began to grind her hips against his. He could feel her eagerness to please him, the sensations coursing through his veins as he felt his excitement swell.

Finally, Madison took her own pleasure and lunged forward, her orgasm crashing over her body as David looked on in wonder. His own pleasure followed soon after and the two collapsed into each other’s arms, their sweat and spent energy mingling together in an aura of satisfied sensuality.

Walking out of the massage parlour, David couldn’t help but feel smug at having experienced something so amazing. Madison had been the perfect companion, catering to his needs and satisfying his desires in every way. Massage Parlours Trevemper TR8 would certainly be seeing more of David in the near future.