Massage Parlours Trevilla TR3

Massage Parlours Trevilla TR3

I had heard about the massage parlours Trevilla TR3 and had been intrigued enough to make an appointment. I wanted to try something new and had heard from a few friends that the place was great. When I arrived, I expected a normal massage parlour, but what I experienced was something very different and far more special.

The outside of the building was unassuming; with its plain white walls, and no signage. But, inside Massage Parlours Trevilla TR3 was a different story. I was greeted by a courteous, but professional receptionist who asked me what kind of massage I wanted. I replied that I was looking for a relaxing massage. She smiled and said that she could help and pointed me in the direction of a room down the hall.

I was amazed at the setup and couldn’t believe my eyes when I entered the room. There was a massage table and a low bed, both draped with sheer white linen sheets. The walls were decorated with artful paintings, and there were candles glowing dimly in the corner. The atmosphere was peaceful and inviting.

My massage therapist introduced himself as “Garnet” and said that he had been trained in the art of massage over thirty years and had done his apprenticeship at a traditional massage school in Thailand. He was incredibly knowledgeable, and I was in awe of his expertise. He asked me to lie down on the massage table and to relax.

Garnet proceeded to work his magic on my body. His firm, yet gentle strokes sent waves of pleasure through my body. The longer he worked on my back, the more relaxed I felt. He could sense that I was enjoying the massage and he began to work on my aching muscles, kneading and pressing them into submission and relieving all of my tension.

By the end of the massage I felt absolutely wonderful. I felt like I was walking on air, and the sense of relaxation was lasting. When it was over, Garnet asked me if there was anything else he could do for me. He said he could offer me a few other services, and I was intrigued. He told me about all the little things he could do to make the experience even better. I was eager to find out more so I agreed to try one of them: a sensual massage.

Garnet offered me a massage that was stimulating and exciting, with light, pleasurable touches and lots of attention to my most sensitive areas. He skilfully worked on the pressure points on my body, sending waves of pleasure through me. I felt like my body was melting with waves of pleasure, and I was lost in a sea of pleasure and relaxation.

After the massage I felt completely revitalised, like a new person. I added a tip to Garnet and thanked him for his excellent service. I thanked the receptionist on my way out and made another appointment for the following week. Massage Parlours Trevilla TR3 always offers a great experience and I’m eager to see what other services they have to offer.