Massage Parlours Trewindle PL22

Massage Parlours Trewindle PL22 was a massage parlour of certain repute among certain people in the town. It had been a feature of the town for several years, and had become one of the regular haunts of the more enterprising ones looking for something different. However, not many knew that it was also a place for more salacious activities and even a discreet brothel for more private encounters for those in the know.

It was at this place, that one night some months ago, there was a group of men who, after having indulged in some strong drinks, were discussing some fanciful ideas. At one point, one of them suggested that they should all go visit Massage Parlours Trewindle PL 22, which was only a short drive away. The excitement was palpable at this prospect and before long, the group decided that that was to be the plan for the night.

The men made their way down to the parlour and, upon arriving, they were met by the proprietor, a woman with a large bust and an inviting, seductive smile. She welcomed them in and led them to a room with a large bed, where they were told they could avail of the Massage Parlour’s unique services.

The five men, feeling brave, also felt quite a thrill of excitement beyond all the bravado and dick-swinging. After a few moments of discussion, they agreed that they would each have to choose one of the ladies of the Massage Parlour for a massage and that it would be the one with the biggest assets who would get priority for the first go.

The lady with the largest assets on display was a slender woman with pale skin, long black hair and big, luscious lips. Her eyes were lined up with black kohl, which made them look even more enticing. She took the floor and began to undress for the five men, and her lithe, curvaceous body began to take shape as she moved with a grace of a dancer.

As she moved, she began to massage each man in turn, from the head and shoulders to their backs, their legs and buttocks. As their bodies began to loosen up under her strong, experienced hands, they began to have fantasies of their own. Fantasies of what it would feel like to have her caressing their most intimate parts and to feel the heat of her body against theirs.

The men fell one by one under her spell, losing themselves in the pleasure and the sensations of her touch that was casually pouring out of her. She even began to whisper erotic promises in their ears, speaking of secrets of ecstasy that they had never experienced before.

By the end of the session, all five of the men were wide-eyed, with their senses reeling from the experience. Their bodies were immersed in a state of relaxation and contentment, not one of them wanting to leave.

However, before the night ended, the lady had one more surprise for them. All five men were so taken aback by her proposition, that it took them some time to register what had just been offered to them. To their surprise, she proposed that all five of them should join her in the bedroom and experience a night of intense pleasure together.

The five of them agreed, and the rest of the night was one of pure bliss. The men were given the opportunity to satisfy all their carnal desires, as the lady explored each of them intimately. She caressed every part of their bodies, from the tips of their toes to the base of their spine, and used her experience to bring them to heights of pleasure that they had never before reached in their lives.

By the end of the night, all five of them were exhausted yet satisfied, and each of them silently thanked the mysterious lady for the amazing night that they were given. From that night on, the massage parlours at Trewindle PL22 became a regular haunt for the five men, as they looked forward to indulging in the same pleasure they had experienced on that fateful night.