Massage Parlours Trewollock PL26

It was time again to go to Massage Parlours Trewollock PL26. Every week, my wife and I would sneak away to the parlour for a few hours of relaxation. We had both been feeling stressed and in need of some time off.

Little did we know that our visit to the parlour would be one of the most erotic experiences of our lives.

We entered the parlour and were immediately greeted by a friendly masseuse. She was slender and had an inviting smile. We were taken to a private room with dim lighting and calming music. We both felt our anxiety dissipate as soon as we were inside.

The massage began with a gentle caress of our shoulders and backs. Our eyes closed as the masseuse worked her way lower down our bodies. Sensuous strokes of warm oil were applied, making us moan in bliss.

The massage progressed and soon we were completely aroused. We were unaware of any inhibitions we had and moved in tune with the instincts of our bodies. Our movements were increasingly intense and passionate.

We removed our clothing and enjoyed the sensation of the masseuse’s hands gently massaging our bodies. Her delicate touch moved from one place to another, seemingly knowing exactly what we desired.

We both experienced a wave of pleasure that spread through us like a tidal wave. We both experienced an intense climax, and our bodies melted into a blissful release of tension.

When the massage was finished, we were both in an altered state of mind. We lay there in each other’s arms, thanking the masseuse and lavishing compliments on her.

We knew that after this experience, we had found a new safe haven to escape to when we needed a break. The next week couldn’t come soon enough.