Massage Parlours Upper Clapton N16

It was a warm sunny day in London and I decided to give myself a treat and visit the Massage Parlours Upper Clapton N16. I had heard that it was the top spot for an erotic massage and I was keen to test it out for myself.

When I arrived I was immediately taken aback by the luxurious atmosphere. The walls were decorated with traditional Asian artwork and the scent of sandalwood pervaded the air. I was met by a friendly receptionist who invited me to select a masseur of my choice.

I was spoilt for choice as all of the masseurs were stunningly gorgeous. I eventually decided on a slim brunette who seemed to have an exotic air about her. She wore a revealing black dress and a tantalising smile.

The massage began with a typical sensual oil massage which soon had me relaxing and letting go of all of my daily tensions. I was then invited to turn over so that my masseur could begin the second part of the massage.

She began to rub me down with a mix of oil and nuru gel. This acted as a natural lubricant and before long I was overcome by the sensations of pleasure from the massage. I could feel her hands skilfully working their way around my body and further exploring my erogenous zones.

It didn’t take long before I felt the urge to be intimate with my masseur and I asked her for more. She obliged, and before I knew it I was enjoying the heights of sexual pleasure with her. We moved from one position to the next, exploring each other’s fantasies.

The massage was unlike anything else I had ever experienced. Not only did it leave me feeling incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated, but I also felt a tension and energy that was a result of the intense satisfaction that I had experienced.

The following weeks I visited the massage parlour regularly to be pampered. Every time I experienced something different and unparalleled. Eventually I established a discreet relationship with the masseuse and we explored further fantasies and pleasures together in her massage parlour.

The Massage Parlours Upper Clapton N16 was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did I get to enjoy erotic massages and explore my sexuality, but I also made a friend and a confidante in the process. It was truly an unforgettable experience.