Massage Parlours Wimbledon SW19

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The drive to the massage parlours was long but worth it. As the car pulled up, from the outside, the place looked exactly like any other massage parlour. The entrance was inviting and unassuming, nothing out of the ordinary. Inside, however, it was a much different story.

The receptionist was a stunning blonde with a curvaceous figure. She welcomed us warmly and explained the different massage options, recommending the Nuru massage for us. We were soon ushered into a private room with a massage table, clean sheets and oils. The massage was incredibly sensual and intimate; it began with the masseuse massaging our feet and body with warm oil and then moved onto more intimate parts of our body.

As the massage progressed, we both felt our passions rising. The masseuse was very skilled and knew just when to touch our bodies in just the right way to increase pleasure. It wasn’t long before we were both aroused and ready for more. That was when the masseuse suggested we move onto sex massage.

With sex massage, the masseuse used her body to bring us to the heightened state of pleasure. With her body against ours, she used her hands, mouth and body to send pleasure through our bodies. As we reached the peak of pleasure, we could not help but moan with bliss.

The experience at the massage parlours was incredible and it certainly surpassed our expectations. We were both very satisfied customers and vowed to return for more of the same pleasure.

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