Massage Parlours Woodford Bridge IG8

It was a hot summer night in Woodford Bridge, and I was looking for some fun and excitement. I had heard about a new massage parlours that had just opened up in my neighbourhood and decided to check it out.

When I got there, I saw a big sign above the door that read “Massage Parlours Woodford Bridge IG8”. I was intrigued and went inside. Inside, I saw a number of beautiful, scantily clad women. It was obvious that this was not your average massage parlour.

One woman in particular caught my eye. She had long, dark hair and curves in all the right places. Her name was Sarah and she was a professional masseuse. She said she’d be happy to give me a massage and I could not resist.

I followed her into a private room and she asked me to undress and lay down on the massage table. She then proceeded to give me an amazing massage. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. She used various techniques and I could feel my body responding to her touch.

We then moved onto a more erotic kind of massage. She used oils and lotions to massage my entire body, including my genitals. She used her hands, fingers and lips to give me pleasure and I could feel myself getting more and more aroused.

Afterwards, we talked for a while longer and I decided to ask about other services she was offering. She mentioned that she sometimes worked with escorts, prostitutes and hookers, and that she could set me up with one if I wanted. We then agreed on a fee and she said she’d get back to me with the details.

The next day, I received an email with all the information I needed. I was to meet a woman at a certain time and place and the fee had already been paid. I was a bit nervous but I went through with it and when I saw the woman I was meeting, I knew why Sarah had chosen her.

She was gorgeous and could have easily been mistaken for a supermodel. She was also very friendly and chatty and soon we were talking like old friends. After a while, she started to give me a massage and it quickly became clear that this was no ordinary massage.

The massage quickly turned into an erotic one and I was soon having the time of my life. We then moved onto full on sex and I felt like I was in heaven. Afterward, we talked some more and I thanked her for a wonderful experience.

Since then, I have become a regular at Massage Parlours Woodford Bridge and I look forward to each new experience. Whether it is a massage, an escort or a hookup, I know that I can count on Sarah to provide me with an unforgettable experience.