Massage Parlours Ashton-under-Lyne OL6

It was a hot, humid summer night and the city of Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 was alive with activity. The streets were full of people, and there was a sense of energy in the air that seemed to carry on late into the night.

I had just gotten off a bus and was walking along the street, looking for something to do. I noticed a massage parlor tucked away in a corner of the street. It was a cozy looking place with a warm and inviting atmosphere. I had never been to a massage parlor before, and curiosity got the best of me. I decided to take a chance and go inside.

I was greeted at the door by a pleasant woman, and immediately I noticed the pleasant aroma of the massage oils used for their services. I was asked what services I would like, and without hesitation I knew I wanted a ‘sex massage’. I was expecting some judgement, but the woman just smiled, understanding my choice.

The masseuse followed me to a private room and began to undress me. She gently and tenderly massaged my body, her experienced hands working the tensions in my muscles. As the massage progressed, the atmosphere in the room became more and more intimate and it was clear what was going to happen next.

The masseuse then asked me to turn around and began to massage my back with her strong hands. She was making me moan with pleasure as she stimulated my body. She then asked me to lay on my back, and she began to massage my chest and other sensitive areas. I gasped with pleasure as she touched me in all the right places.

We both then began to undress each other and the atmosphere in the room was now electric. I was in complete pleasure as the masseuse worked her magic. She was so skilled in giving a pleasure that I was soon on the brink of orgasm.

She then brought out a bottle of Nuru massage oil. This was a new experience for me, and I was excited to try it out. She began to massage my body with the oil, and it felt slippery and amazing against my skin. We then moved on to having sex, and I experienced a pleasure I had never experienced before.

Afterwards, we both lay there, satisfied, and in complete peace. I thanked the massage parlor for their services and left feeling refreshed and relaxed. I had found a new pleasure in the massage parlors of Ashton-under-Lyne OL6, and I was ready to explore more.