Massage Parlours Ashton upon Mersey M33

It had been a long week for Damian, and he was feeling the strain of his job. He decided he needed to reward himself with a massage, and he decided to look for a massage parlor to go to in Ashton upon Mersey M33.

As Damian searched for a massage parlor, he noticed one called The Lotus. He read the reviews and heard that it was a popular massage parlor, so he decided to check it out. When he arrived at The Lotus, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was a 5-star-rated massage parlor.

He was warmly greeted by the receptionist who asked him to fill out a form, and then she explained the different types of massage services they offered. Damian was curious and asked her what a nuru massage was, and she explained that it was an intensely erotic massage where the masseuse would be using her whole body to massage him. He was intrigued and decided to go for it.

He was taken to a private room and the massage began. The masseuse, a gorgeous brunette, began massaging him using her hands and body. She moved her body sensually all over his, and he felt like he had never felt before. His body seemed to be electrified as she moved her body against his.

The massage got even more intense as she moved onto more intimate areas. She would move her body over his and massage his inner thighs, chest and other areas. She used highly erotic techniques to massage him and Damian could feel his body just melting into her touch.

The experience was so intense that Damian found himself feeling aroused, and it felt like all his stress had melted away. After the massage was over, Damian thanked the masseuse and tipped her generously.

Damian left The Lotus feeling relaxed and refreshed. He thanked himself for taking the time to treat himself to such a luxurious and pleasurable experience.

He vowed to himself that this would not be the last time he would visit The Lotus, and he was already looking forward to his next massage. The experience of being pleasured at The Lotus was one Damian would never forget and he would always look back on it fondly.