Massage Parlours Carshalton on the Hill SM5

It was a slow day in Massage Parlours Carshalton on the Hill SM5. The usual foot traffic of people looking for a massage had all but vanished. There were no more clients walking in, and the massage therapists had nothing to do. One of the massage therapists, a young woman named Ella, was bored and a little bit lonely. She decided to take a break and take a look around the massage parlor.

As she explored, she noticed a sign on the wall advertising a new type of massage – the Tantric Massage. She smiled as she read it. She had heard of these erotic massages before and was intrigued. She decided to try it, and went to the reception desk to speak to the receptionist.

Ella was greeted warmly by the receptionist, who couldn’t help but notice the excitement on her face. The receptionist explained that the Tantric Massage was a full body massage using special oils and techniques to promote arousal and pleasure. Ella was eager to learn more and the receptionist told her that if she was ready, she could book an appointment for the massage.

Ella took the receptionist up on her offer and booked an appointment for the next day. She was so excited for what was to come.

The next day, Ella walked into the massage parlor with butterflies in her stomach. She was welcomed by a tall, handsome man with a perfectly sculpted body. His name was David, and he would be her masseur. He smiled at her warmly and showed her to the massage room, where he had set up the room with everything she might need.

Ella wasn’t sure what to expect and David explained the different techniques that he was going to use. He started off with long, slow strokes, calming her body and getting her into the right state of mind. He then started to use his hands to create a sensation of pleasure throughout her body. Ella felt arousal take over her and she became lost in the moment.

David then moved on to using his body to please hers; his hands, his lips, and even his tongue. Ella couldn’t believe how amazing the experience was, and soon enough she found herselforgasmic pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt before.

When it was all over, Ella felt like she had been in a dream. She thanked David for the experience and asked him if he had any more surprises in store. He smiled and said he indeed did. It transpired that the massage parlor wasn’t just about massages – it was also a discreet brothel. He offered to introduce her to some of the women who worked there, and Ella reluctantly agreed.

Ella had never been to a brothel before, but she was intrigued. She was taken to a private room and soon enough, she was presented with a selection of women to choose from. Each one was beautiful in her own way, and Ella found it hard to choose. In the end, she went with a mature woman named Mary, who offered a passionate and engaging session. Ella loved every second of it and was soon asking for more.

This visit to Massage Parlours Carshalton on the Hill SM5 had been an eye-opening experience for Ella. She had never experienced such pleasure and arousal before, and she was looking forward to coming back and trying different things. With so much pleasure on offer, she was sure that she would be visiting again soon.