Massage Parlours Castelnau SW13

Massage Parlours Castelnau SW13

John had always been fascinated by the idea of massage parlours and the services they provide. He had read and heard of numerous tales of pleasure, arousal and seduction, and it was something that he had always wanted to try. Now he had finally taken the plunge and decided to make a trip to Massage Parlours Castelnau SW13.

He arrived at the parlour and was welcomed warmly by a young receptionist who asked him to fill out a form. She then directed him to a room and told him that his masseuse would be with him shortly. He was slightly nervous but also excited, as he had made the decision to go for the full sex massage experience.

A few minutes later, his masseuse arrived. She was petite with a stunning figure and a beautiful face. Her name was Lola and she pointed him towards the massage table and asked him to undress. He complied and lay down, feeling embarrassed and awkward at first, but her warm and friendly manner soon put him at ease.

Once undressed, Lola began massaging him with long, gentle strokes, working her way from one side of his body to the other and then changed to a more sensuous touch, gradually increasing in intensity. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations emanating from her hands as they caressed his body.

As the massage progressed, Lola began to move her hands lower and lower and it soon became clear what she was offering. She began to massage his genital area, and John felt himself becoming aroused. He felt a wave of pleasure ripple through his body as she explored him and began to employ more and more intimate techniques.

The massage ended with a session of oral sex, and John was absolutely satisfied. He felt like he had been taken to a place of pure pleasure and was amazed at how amazing and professional the massage had been.

Afterwards, John thanked Lola and tipped her generously. He left the parlour feeling like a new man, and raving about the experience to his friends. He had finally experienced what the massage parlours had to offer, and found it to be an incredibly enjoyable, intimate experience. He vowed to make many more trips back to Massage Parlours Castelnau SW13 in the future.