Massage Parlours Golders Green NW11

Massage Parlours Golders Green NW11 and the Adventurous Couple

It had been a few weeks since married couple, Laura and James, decided to spice up their sex life by visiting massage parlours in Golders Green NW11. Married for 10 years, they had been looking for something new to bring them closer together and Massage Parlours Golders Green NW11 had been chosen to assist with that.

On their first visit, they had been welcomed with warm smiles and a friendly attitude. They were shown around the premises, introduced to the various services available and asked how they would like to proceed. For their first visit, they decided to go for a sensual Tantric massage as they had both heard good things about this type of massage.

Following a few minutes of relaxation and massage to loosen up, the couple found themselves becoming aroused. They took the plunge and asked for a more adventurous massage, opting for a Nuru massage. This involved light body contact, sensual touching and some teasing. Both were delighted with the experience as it was a great way to explore each other. The feeling of being so close was incredibly exhilarating for them both and the sensual touching only added to their arousal.

After the massage, they enjoyed a hot shower before retreating to a private room to enjoy more intimate activities. Here they engaged in some light BDSM, something they had been wanting to try for a while. They found it to be a great way to express their love and desire for each other.

On their second visit to Massage Parlours Golders Green NW11, they decided to look at some other services which were available to them. After much deliberation, they ended up going for a full-body massage, accompanied with an erotic Thai massage. This was a particularly intense experience, as the masseuse performed various body slides, caresses, and positions, all designed to stimulate the most sensitive parts of their bodies.

Their third visit to Massage Parlours Golders Green NW11 was less physical but still incredibly sexual. They opted for a hooker service provider which revealed to them the joy of adult dating. They were provided with an escort for the evening and allowed to use the facilities of the parlour.

They had a great time with the escort, visiting nearby parks and restaurants, before going back to the parlour for some more intimate activities. This included some light BDSM, oral sex, and some light bondage. As well as enjoying the physical pleasure, they also found a great emotional connection with the escort, and found themselves talking about their lives, future plans and dreams.

It had been a great few visits to Massage Parlours Golders Green NW11 and had opened up a new world of pleasure and exploration to the couple. They both felt more connected and open to each other, which had only strengthened their relationship. It had been a great way to spice up their sex life and they both agreed that they would definitely be visiting again.