Massage Parlours Penpoll PL22

Massage parlours Penpoll PL22 promised a luxurious experience, so when my husband and I arrived, we were more than pleasantly surprised. From the entrance hall to the spacious, well decorated rooms, each room was more luxurious than the next. We were both avid massage loving devotees and the massage parlour gave us plenty of options.

I chose a gentle yet deeply sensual massager and my husband got a deep tissue massage that nearly left him paralyzed with pleasure. After both of our massages we enjoyed a light snack at the parlours’ eatery, before a long and wonderful soak in the hot tub. We both emerged feeling invigorated and refreshed, like we had just been reborn.

When we got back to the massage parlour, I was pleased to find out that the massage parlour had professionals offering a variety of services, from massage for those of us who wanted to relax, to the more naughty and sexually charged services. We decided to try the latter and headed to one of the massage parlour’s kinky rooms.

The room was dark and inviting, with mood lighting and all sorts of naughty props perfectly arranged to entice our naughty desires. We were first given a sensual massage that had us both feeling aroused and ready to explore each other more. We were then taken to a bed where we were able to explore all the naughty possibilities the massage parlour had to offer.

Over the next few hours we explored the widest range of kinky sex acts in a very safe and consensual way. My husband loved it when I took control, while I relished the freedom to be so naughty and naughty with him. We then finished the session with a long and intense penetration session, making love passionately to the audio of a classic sultry love song playing in the background.

We left Massage Parlours Penpoll PL22 feeling oh-so-satisfied, both physically and emotionally. The experience was definitely one for the books and we can’t wait to go back again soon. Highly recommended for those who want to explore their naughty desires with a trustworthy partner in a safe and secure environment.