Massage Parlours Penponds TR14

Rain was pouring down in Penponds TR14 as Chloe dragged her feet to the entrance of the massage parlour. She had heard the rumours of what went on in these places and she was both intrigued and scared by what she was about to experience. She opened the door and was immediately hit with a wave of relaxation and serenity.

The walls were painted in calming blue tones and the furniture and the décor had been chosen to create a soothing atmosphere. In the centre of the room was a large massage table, surrounded by loungers and low tables, and scented candles filled the air.

Chloe took a deep breath, feeling her muscles relax and her heart beat slow. This was not the kind of massage she had been expecting.

A softly spoken man materialised out of the shadows and Chloe realised he was the massage therapist. He was dressed smartly and he had an engaging, calming presence. He introduced himself as Gabriel and explained the massage treatment that he was offering.

Chloe was intrigued and willingly accepted Gabriel’s invitation to undress and recline on the massage table. Gabriel began the massage and Chloe felt her body respond to his skilled and confident touch.

Gabriel’s hands seemed to reach beneath her skin and release all her tension. She felt as though she were floating and before long, she had drifted off in to a deep, peaceful sleep.

When Chloe awoke, it was to find that Gabriel had changed the treatment. He had removed all his clothes and was massaging her body contours, with the lightest of touches. Gabriel was speaking in an almost musical tone and Chloe felt herself responding to his advances.

She opened her eyes fully and found his gaze burning into hers. Gabriel moved closer, his body welding with hers and Chloe felt a passion she had never experienced before. His hands moved slowly and sensually all over her body, releasing every ounce of tension and filling her with a blissful desire.

The massage continued, becoming more passionate and intimate with each passing moment. Chloe felt completely connected to Gabriel and was unable to resist the temptation of his touch any longer.

The massage reached its climax and Chloe felt completely relaxed and satisfied. Exhausted, she opened her eyes to find Gabriel standing over her, smiling. He congratulated her on making the most of the session and helped her to get dressed.

As Chloe left the massage parlour feeling content and more relaxed than ever before. She was sure she had found the perfect place to escape and relax. She knew she would be back to experience the tender and passionate massage that Gabriel had made possible.