Massage Parlours Polyphant PL15

Massage Parlours Polyphant PL15 had been around for years. It was a quiet little corner of the world, and a popular destination for those wishing to get away from it all. The massage parlor provided a safe haven for whatever ails – physical or mental.

The parlor was divided into a number of cubicles, each of which had a massage bed, a selection of lotions and oils, and a variety of other massage equipment. Each of the cubicles was partitioned off from the others, giving the customers a sense of privacy, if they so desired. In addition to the massage beds, the parlor also boasted a large lounge area where customers could relax and chat with each other, or just take a break.

The massage parlor was always doing a brisk business. As the word had gotten around about the level of service being offered and the skill of the masseurs, more and more clients were making the trip to Polyphant for a great massage experience.

One day, a particularly attractive and fashionable woman had made her way to the massage parlor. Her name was Brooke and she had had a difficult day at work, and was just looking for a way to relax and unwind. As soon as she entered the parlor, she felt a sense of relief and peace.

Brooke was greeted by one of the masseurs, who took her to one of the cubicles for her massage. The masseur introduced himself as Tom and started to prepare the massage bed for her. As soon as he had finished setting up the massage bed, he took Brooke by the hand and led her over to it.

Tom poured a generous amount of warm and massage oil onto Brooke’s back and started to massage her tense muscles. His gentle and experienced touch soon had her feeling relaxed and released the tension she had been feeling in her body.

As the massage progressed, Tom’s hands moved to Brooke’s lower body, slowing caressing the area. His expert and tender touch was sending shockwaves through her body, making her feel more and more aroused.

When the massage was finished, Tom invited Brooke back to the lounge area for a cup of tea. Brooke was so relaxed and aroused by the massage, that she found it hard to resist.

Tom started to flirt with Brooke and made suggestive comments as they talked over their cup of tea. Brooke was finding it increasingly difficult to resist Tom’s advances and soon, the both of them were getting more and more aroused.

Tom moved closer to Brooke and started to kiss her neck and caress her body. Brooke, too, was no longer able to resist and gave into the pleasure that his body was giving her.

Brooke and Tom ended up making love on the lounge chair, with Tom fiercely exploring her body. The pleasure was immense and both of them reached their climax of pleasure.

When they were finished, Tom thanked Brooke for giving herself to him and asked if she would like to join him again for a massage the following week. Brooke happily agreed and thanked Tom for the wonderful session they had.

The massage parlor had certainly provided Brooke with an unforgettable experience, and it was clear that they had made a connection. As Brooke left the parlor that evening, she felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated, and couldn’t wait to come back.