Massage Parlours Polzeath PL27

Massage Parlours Polzeath PL27 has become a notorious hotspot for the hedonistic pleasures of those seeking out a naughty massage experience. Every now and again, a daring couple opts to try out the sensuous delights of their hands-on techniques.

Mary and John had met through mutual friends and soon hit it off. Both of them had always been a little curious about erotic massage parlours and the near taboo topic of sensual massage, so it was only natural for them to start talking about it when the time was right.

It was a scorching summer’s day when they decided to take the plunge and book a discreet appointment at Massage Parlours Polzeath PL27. Mary wore a skimpy summer dress and John had on some jeans and a shirt. Both were feeling extremely naughty as they entered the massage parlour.

Once inside, they were met by a young and beautiful masseuse. She was dressed in a tight black bikini and had definitely caught the couple’s attention. She welcomed them warmly and guided them to a private room.

The massage parlour was dimly lit and had several rugs on the floor. It was cosy and gave Mary and John a real sense of indulgence. The masseuse told them to relax and undress before she started applying the massage oil.

Once Mary and John were both naked and lying down, the masseuse started to apply the massage oil to their bodies. She massaged their shoulders, back, and legs with long and slow strokes while they each breathed deeply in pleasure.

The masseuse’s hands then caressed the couple’s lower body and their inner thighs. She knew exactly how to drive them wild and soon their breathing became heavier. Then suddenly, the masseuse moved her hands to their most intimate areas and proceeded to caress them familiarly.

John and Mary were at the point of no return. The massage panties were off and they both experienced waves of pleasure. Their bodies trembled as the masseuse rubbed their sensual areas with all the skill and experience needed to make them reach immense pleasure.

After Mary and John had their fill of pleasure, the masseuse left them to rest for a few minutes. Feeling more appreciative of each other than ever before, they decided to book an appointment for the next week. As they left the massage parlour, they looked forward to returning the following week and experiencing the same kind of intense pleasure.