Massage Parlours Trevone PL28

Massage Parlours Trevone PL28

The rumbling of the city of Trevone was still apparent as blue sky painted the horizon in the early morning. The only thing that seemed to be alive was the neon sign that lit up the sky with the name of the massage parlours, simply known as Massage Parlours Trevone PL28. It proudly beamed the word “massage” across the city in big bold letters.

The sun had only just begun to set when a young woman came to the doors of the massage parlours. She was dressed in a grey skirt, tights and a long sleeved black shirt. Her long brown hair draped down her shoulders and her face had a well kept natural beauty. With every step she took, the door could be heard creaking as if groaning at her having to take the steps.

It seemed as if it already knew what she was there for. Taking one final deep breath, she opened the door and was greeted by a boisterous woman, dressed in a skimpy red dress, with an exaggerated smile.

The smell of jasmine wafted through the parlours and the soft music played in the background. As she kept walking, she noticed the walls were painted with an array of colours, from soft pink to deep purples and blues. The carpet was a luxurious deep shag and its texture actually made her step softer. There were also dimly lit lamps that created a romantic atmosphere.

The woman continued to guide her to a massage room discreetly tucked away in the corner. Wordlessly, she instructed the young woman to take off her clothes and lie down on the bed. A thick blanket was placed over the woman’s body and a warm oil was poured on her skin.

The massage soon began and it felt as if every touch was a blessing. From light gliding motions to firm kneading stretches, the massage therapist managed to reach every muscle and tissue of her body. The massage oils were applied gradually and the gentle strokes eased each tension along her body. The sound of the massage music only calmed the woman’s mind further.

Around half way through the massage, the therapist encourage the woman to increase her relaxation so that her body could fully release any physical, mental or emotional tension that was held within. A few more strokes later and the therapist moved down to the woman’s more sensitive areas. Her fingertips starting to explore the woman’s nether regions, before increasing the pressure and intensity.

At first, the woman hesitated and wanted to pull away, but then as the massage went on and the pleasures increased, she allowed the pleasure to completely overtake her body. Letting go of any reservations, the massage therapist set the woman ablaze with arousal. She felt her skin tingle with pleasure and moaned in pleasure as the massage therapist slowly teased her. She felt herself spiralling into an orgasmic state, feeling wave after wave of pleasure.

Once in a state of complete relaxation, the massage therapist instructed the woman to simply allow her body to float in pleasure. As she lay on the bed feeling content and energised, the therapist exited the room, giving the young woman the best massage of her life.

Taking in a deep sense of air, she gathered her clothes and made her way outside of the massage parlours. As she admired the stars in the night’s sky, she realised just how relaxed she felt and that there was no better way to end her day, than with the massage she had just experienced.