Massage Parlours Trevorgans TR19

Massage Parlours Trevorgans TR19

Marissa was always up for a massage, it was a great way for her to relax and de-stress from her hectic work at the office. She had been meaning to check out Massage Parlours Trevorgans but hadn’t found the time yet. One quiet Saturday, she decided to wander over to explore what kind of treatments they had to offer.

Marissa arrived around mid-morning and was instantly captivated by the luxurious setting. Soft music was playing, and the receptionist was friendly and welcoming. After explaining what she was looking for, Marissa was advised to browse through the massage options, before deciding whether or not to sign up for a treatment.

Marissa set off to investigate the treatments available, and as she walked around, she got the feeling that this wasn’t your average massage parlour. The other people in the reception room were very comfortable, and they all seemed to be discussing the treatments they were interested in. It was clear that Massage Parlours Trevorgans was catering to a variety of needs and seemed to specialize in providing the kind of experience Marissa had been looking for.

After a few minutes of indecision, Marissa finally settled on a full body sensual massage. She would have liked to try a tantric massage, but she figured that was an experience that she could save for another day. As she handed over her payment, the receptionist handed her a locker key and a robe, and instructed her to strip off her clothing and put it in the locker. She then led Marissa down the hallway and into a room which was equipped with dim lighting, soft mattresses and textured sheets.

Once inside the room, the receptionist made sure she was comfortable before introducing her to her masseuse. Marissa was slightly taken aback by the masseuse’s appearance as she was dressed in a skimpy black outfit, but she quickly got over it and asked what techniques the masseuse would be using. The masseuse smiled and explained that the massage would be a combination of sensual body caresses, using her hands, body and erotically charged aromatherapy oils.

Marissa laid down, feeling slightly shy and nervous, but soon melted into the massage as the masseuse expertly hands worked out all of the knots and built up tension in her body. As the session went on Marissa felt herself growing more and more aroused, as the masseuse’s hands travelled over her body with growing intensity. Just when Marissa thought she couldn’t take any more, the masseuse sensually gave her a full body erotically charged massage, taking Marissa’s arousal to all new levels.

Afterwards, Marissa felt completely relieved and relaxed. She thanked the masseuse, changed into her clothes, and floated back out into the world feeling completely renewed. She had been very impressed with Massage Parlours Trevorgans and knew that she would definitely be back for more.